Turning data into dollars: how Wastoren® boosted turnover by 75%

  • Wastoren®, an innovative modular cupboard system designed to elevate washing machines and dryers, filled a gap in the market by creating practical and aesthetically pleasing laundry spaces.


  • Wastoren® faced challenges in understanding its market and target audience’s needs. It aimed to enhance online visibility, increase conversion rates, reduce costs per conversion, and ensure product relevance.


  • Trendata provided valuable insights into market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitors, which allowed Wastoren® to refine its marketing efforts and product offerings.


  • The insights led to a demand-driven approach that focused on customer experience, leading to a customised webshop and targeted marketing efforts. This approach positioned Wastoren® for enduring success in the marketplace and paved the way for Wastoren®’s international expansion.


  • The collaboration with Trendata and New Media resulted in increased brand awareness, relevant traffic, e-commerce and lead conversions, and international expansion, leading to a staggering 75% increase in turnover within a year.

Born out of the desire to eliminate the need for bending while doing laundry, Wastoren® has truly disrupted the market with its innovative modular cupboard system. Designed to elevate washing machines and dryers to a more convenient height, these cabinets have not only transformed laundry rooms, utility rooms, and bathrooms into practical spaces, but they’ve also made them aesthetically pleasing.

What started as a dream in the minds of four determined individuals, soon became a reality that filled a glaring gap in the market. Their success story is a testament to the power of innovation meeting necessity.

As Wastoren® embarked on its mission to revolutionise laundry spaces, it recognised the need for understanding the market, consumer behaviour, buying trends, and competitor activities. This is where Trendata came into the picture.

Stay tuned, as we delve deeper into how Wastoren® leveraged Trendata’s market intelligence platform to fuel their growth and expand their footprint.

Staying relevant in an evolving market

In the closing months of 2019, Wastoren® stood on the brink of an exciting journey of growth. As a dynamic start-up with a unique product that promised to transform laundry spaces, they held the seeds of success within their grasp. Yet, like many start-ups, they faced the formidable task of understanding their market and carving out their place within it.

With a clear vision in mind, the team at Wastoren® had their sights set on transforming the way people did laundry. However, bringing this vision to life required more than just an innovative product. It needed a deep understanding of its target audience’s needs, problems, and potential solutions.

Wastoren® needed to tap into the active market demand for washing machine cabinets, identify relevant products, and understand who their competitors were. This information would offer clarity about the intentions and needs of their target audience, allowing them to tailor their product and marketing efforts effectively.

Their primary goals were to enhance their online visibility, increase conversion rates, and reduce costs per conversion. However, amid the sea of data and insights, one element emerged as crucial for growth: relevance. 

Relevance became the common denominator that tied together all the objectives. It became increasingly apparent that addressing the needs and problems of their customers should be the cornerstone of their strategy.

Wastoren®, like any start-up hungry for growth, found itself confronted with a challenge. How could they ensure that their products and marketing efforts stayed relevant in a market that was constantly evolving? 

The key lay in securing the right insights.

Putting the customer first as foundation for growth

The strategy to elevate Wastoren®’s market presence was underpinned by a holistic mapping of the active market demand for washing machine cabinets. This was achieved through meticulous analysis of online orientation data, unearthing valuable insights into critical aspects of Wastoren®’s market environment:

  • Challenges that customers face which provided opportunities to position Wastoren®’s products as solutions.
  • Solutions that are currently available which helped understand what sets its products apart.
  • Products that compete with theirs, offering insight into their competitive landscape.
  • Competitors, allowing an understanding of their strategies and identifying areas where Wastoren® can outperform.

This comprehensive approach gave Wastoren® a profound and granular understanding of its target audience’s intentions and needs. 

Armed with these insights, the digital marketing agency New Media, skillfully customised the webshop, content, and ads to cater to our target group’s unique needs. Putting a spotlight on the problems that Wastoren®’s products solve, aligning marketing efforts seamlessly with customer demands.

This demand-driven strategy focused on the user experience with the washing machine cabinet, ensuring that their solutions were not just relevant, but also resonated deeply with their customers.

But this solution-focused, data-informed approach is more than a strategy — it’s a commitment to putting the customer first, positioning Wastoren® for enduring success in a competitive marketplace.

Thanks to Trendata, we know exactly which 'buttons' we need to push to generate more conversions.”


Reflecting on our collaboration with Wastoren®, the key highlight has been the impressive growth driven by actionable insights. Together, we have: 

  • Unearthed the power of a demand-centric approach, led by data.
  • Leveraged online channels with granular insights into customer behaviour.
  • Streamlined the webshop’s sales funnels based on user interaction data.

Examining the growth trajectory of Wastoren®, they’ve observed significant results:

  • A significant increase in brand awareness, driven by an understanding of what resonates with customers.
  • A substantial upsurge in relevant traffic, reflecting successful targeting based on consumer data.
  • Steady growth in e-commerce and lead conversions, along with various micro-conversions, indicating the effective application of user insights.
  • International expansion across Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, guided by a keen understanding of diverse market dynamics.

These successes collectively contributed to a striking 75% increase in Wastoren’s turnover within a single year.

The solid groundwork laid in online marketing and the webshop has put Wastoren® in a prime position for further growth. We look forward to driving this growth onward, pushing boundaries, and setting new benchmarks for success.

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