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Identify Commercial Opportunities

Leverage AI-driven Market Intelligence to bolster your commercial strategy,
targeting growth that aligns with actual market demand.

Find commercial opportunities
with market intelligence data

Market size
Get an in-depth understanding of your market size that puts you in control. Stop blindly guessing — let our robust market insights help refine your category strategy.
Market development
Identify growth opportunities and arm yourself with knowledge on when to expand products, develop new strategies, and acquire more customers.
Market shares
Get powerful insights into the competitive landscape to make informed decisions that drive success.

Boost commercial performance

Coordinating a successful commercial strategy in volatile market conditions is a tough job. Ever-changing consumer trends, cross-departmental collaboration, and tech advancements demand more than just number crunching. It’s about having a complete understanding of the market landscape.


Trendata equips you with market data that will give you an in-depth understanding of your actual market size and share. Whether it’s analyzing customer buying patterns, predicting future demands, optimizing product lines, or improving distribution strategies, Trendata has everything you need to guide you toward success even in the most dynamic markets. 

Dominate your competitive landscape

Knowing your business’s exact performance against the market can be tricky. Are your successes self-driven or is it a rising tide effect? You could be entering a losing battle against your competitors and risk overspending for mediocre results while competitors may already hold larger market shares and revenue.


With Trendata, all those worries disappear. Get a crystal clear picture of the evolving market demand and benchmark your performance against the market. You can discover competitor strategies and align with seasonality and demand — all while spending less than before.

Simplify commercial forecasting

Commercial forecasting often feels like driving in the dark with the lights out. Without a firm grasp on what the market is doing, it can be hard to explain your company’s success or lack of it.


With Trendata’s AI-driven market predictions, you’ll gain insights into market seasonality, future demand, and emerging trends. It simplifies deciphering past performance and planning for future success. Say goodbye to the daunting task of commercial forecasting and reporting, and welcome a journey illuminated by data-driven insights

The power of
putting customers
at the center of your
growth strategy

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Understanding people and their behavior is the key to unlocking the door to sustainable growth for any business. By developing a deep understanding of what makes your customers tick, you’ll be able to develop products, experiences, and services that truly resonate with them — and keep them coming back for more.

Trendata demystifies minds and markets to provide you with a single source of truth. We’re here to break down data silos and give you insights into what your customers truly think and feel. By empowering you to cater to their needs more effectively, customer centricity can be the engine of sustainable growth for your organization.

Key features

Wealth of Insights
Discover market trends, track competitors, identify customer needs, and deliver must-have features to meet demand.
AI Market Predictions
Utilize AI-powered predictions that put market analysis on autopilot.
Deep-dive and Customize
Reveal valuable insights that cater to your unique goals, KPIs, and team roles.
Ease of Use
Streamline your workflow with automated features that do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Thanks to Trendata, we know exactly which 'buttons' we need to push to generate more conversions.
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With the help of Trendata, DSM is able to go from insights to innovation much quicker and more successful than we otherwise would.
DSM Resins & Functional Materials
Marketing Segment Manager Architectural


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