In today’s data-driven business landscape, understanding consumer behaviour is crucial for success. It is estimated that organisations that leverage their customer behaviour to generate insights outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth

But how can you discover the best consumer insights companies that align with your business needs? 

This guide offers the solution by presenting the top consumer insights companies and their pricing structures. By leveraging platforms like Trendata, businesses can unlock reliable data-driven insights and gain a competitive edge. Explore the world of consumer insights, discover actionable data, and make informed choices about product development, marketing campaigns, and overall strategy. Stay ahead of the competition by identifying market trends and opportunities early on. Join us as we delve into the value of choosing a dedicated platform like Trendata and unleash the power of consumer data for your business’s growth and success.

The Importance of Consumer Insights


Consumer insights are vital for any business striving to succeed in the current competitive environment. They provide the insight needed to make smart decisions, innovate, identify emerging trends, and stay ahead of the competition. This section will explore why consumer insights are so critical, as well as how they can be used to guide strategy, decision-making, and innovation, and offer a view into potential market opportunities.

Understanding the Power of Consumer Insights in Business Strategy 

Consumer insights are of paramount importance when devising successful business strategies. They provide essential information about customers and their motivations, buying habits, and desires which is then used to align offerings with the appropriate market demand. A meticulous understanding of the target audience allows businesses to modify their products, services, and marketing techniques to satisfy customer expectations.

Consumer insights offer businesses the possibility to discover market gaps, become aware of the competitive landscape, and recognise unmet needs, trends, and areas where competitors might be failing. By using this knowledge wisely, firms can position themselves strategically to exploit those gaps, differentiate themselves from rivals, and gain an advantage.

Consumer insights provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers, giving them the ability to create detailed customer profiles or buyer personas. Through an understanding of demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behaviours, companies can craft targeted marketing campaigns and personalised messages, while also delivering superior customer experiences.

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How Consumer Insights Drive Better Decision-Making and Innovation

Consumer insights are essential for making educated decisions and stimulating creativity in companies. By studying consumer information, companies can base decisions on factual market patterns and customer inclinations, rather than only relying on intuition or conjecture.

Consumer insights allow businesses to anticipate customer needs and address them in a timely fashion. This customer-centric focus on innovation allows organisations to remain at the fore of quickly evolving markets, keeping their offerings relevant and attractive. By understanding customers’ wants and needs, companies can come up with creative solutions that meet those requirements, resulting in improvements to their products and services and strengthening consumer loyalty.

Consumer insights empower businesses to test and validate new ideas before making substantial investments, allowing them to gather feedback and conduct thorough market research. By leveraging consumer insights, companies can mitigate potential risks associated with product launches or market expansions, significantly enhancing their prospects for success.

The Role of Consumer Insights in Identifying Market Trends and Opportunities 

Consumer insights provide the necessary guidance for uncovering trends and discovering potential openings. By examining customer data and patterns, enterprises can take advantage of dynamic market changes in real-time. This helps them stay agile, modify their approaches to meet changing demands and capitalise on forthcoming prospects before rivals do.

Consumer insights offer an in-depth look into what drives customer choices. This enables firms to tailor their marketing communications, positioning and branding efforts to appeal to their intended audience. 

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Attaining consumer insights empowers businesses to detect previously untapped customer sectors and market potentials. Examining consumer data and habits provides organisations with the ability to recognise underserved markets or unexplored customers, which propels them to build individualised solutions or exclusive value propositions that meet these audiences’ needs. This leads to a gain in market share and growth. 

In summary, consumer insights are not a mere asset to be taken lightly; they are a requirement for businesses hoping to survive in today’s competitive climate. Being aware of their importance in forming business strategy, the ability to spur better decision-making and innovation based on them, as well as recognising the potential in using data to identify market trends and opportunities are all factors that can determine an organisation’s success. With the help of companies like Trendata providing access to these capabilities, businesses can gain a sizable advantage over their competition, make informed choices, and foster meaningful relationships with their target audience.

Considerations When Choosing a Consumer Insights Company

The Benefits of Using a Platform for Consumer Insights

Platforms for consumer insights provide businesses with a range of advantages that can help them succeed in today’s data-driven market. We will look at key benefits like discovering actionable information, gaining an advantage over others, recognising customers’ preferences, lessening possible issues, developing and innovating products further, and improving the customer experience to promote brand commitment.

Uncovering Actionable Data and Gaining a Competitive Edge

A reliable consumer insights platform gives businesses the ability to decode actionable data from a plethora of sources, for example, market research, social media, surveys and website analytics. By combining and evaluating these datasets, businesses acquire an in-depth understanding of their target consumer, which facilitates judgements that lead to success.

Accessing actionable data gives businesses an advantage, helping them to uncover valuable information about market patterns, consumer actions, and rival tactics. With comprehensive knowledge of the market, companies can discover new possibilities, rising trends, and openings in the market. Equipped with this intelligence, companies can craft creative strategies, refine their services or products, and place themselves distinctively to separate themselves from competitors.

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Identifying Consumer Preferences and Tailoring Marketing Efforts 

A consumer insights platform equips companies with the means to comprehend the wants, needs, and motivations of their consumers. Through the use of demographic data, past purchases, and internet activity, they can divide their public into categories and deduce distinct preferences for various groups.

Equipped with this understanding, businesses can custom-fit their marketing initiatives to resonate with various segments successfully. By creating personalised messaging, displaying specific advertisements, and presenting tailored promotions, companies can engage consumers on a deeper level. This degree of individualisation boosts the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, heightens conversion rates, and fortifies customer relationships.

Mitigating Risks through Informed Decision-Making 

Consumer insights platforms offer businesses valuable data to make educated decisions and reduce risks. They can analyse consumer data and market trends to predict demand changes, recognise possible issues, and assess the feasibility of launching new products or entering new markets.

This data-driven approach to decision-making reduces the chances of investing in ventures that are not favoured by consumers or are up to date with market trends. This ensures that businesses make the most of their resources, avoiding costly errors and increasing the chance of success.

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Enhancing Product Development and Innovation

Consumer insights platforms are indispensable for product development and innovation. Through the analysis of consumer feedback, organisations can gain valuable intelligence about product performance, satisfaction levels, and areas to refine as well as identify potentials for new products and customise existing offerings in line with customers’ changing needs.

By leveraging data-driven innovation, businesses can develop features, functionalities, and product enhancements to address customer needs and wants. This customer-focused strategy fosters loyalty, boosts market share, and propels the company to the forefront of the industry. A consumer insights platform such as Trendata is even able to provide information on customer pain points – for both the business using the platform, and its competitors, thereby expediting the rate and focus of innovation. 

Improving Customer Experiences and Fostering Brand Loyalty

Consumer insights platforms offer businesses the ability to improve customer experiences, by providing invaluable wisdom into customer inclinations, expectations, and approval levels. Through comprehending customer journeys, corporations can pinpoint points of contact where modifications can be made to maximise the total experience.

By utilising consumer insights, businesses can create personalised interactions, supply relevant suggestions, and guarantee smooth customer service. Such methods lead to higher customer satisfaction, sustained brand loyalty, and advantageous word-of-mouth recommendations, which will all positively contribute to their long-term prosperity and development. 

In summary, platforms for consumer insights provide a range of benefits to businesses. Utilising sources such as Trendata can help organisations make the most informed decisions by uncovering data that can be acted upon, aiding in competition, pinpointing consumer favouritism, reducing potential risks, aiding product growth and revamping customer satisfaction. With this extra knowledge, companies are poised to reap the rewards of today’s dynamic and ever-shifting market.

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Consumer insights are essential in today’s competitive business landscape. They drive smart decision-making, innovation, and market trend identification. Using a platform like Trendata provides actionable data, customer preference insights, risk mitigation, product development enhancements, and improved customer experiences. Leveraging these benefits can give businesses a competitive edge and foster long-term success.

Best Consumer Insights companies

Key Considerations When Choosing a Consumer Insights Company

Choosing a consumer insights company is an essential step that can highly impact the prosperity of your business. Here, we will explore the aspects to mull over when making this crucial decision. These criteria include matching business objectives with the capacities of insights platforms, examining the calibre and breadth of consumer data supplied, assessing the interface’s simplicity and data visualisation features, evaluating the level of customer support and education available, and scrutinising the platform’s scalability and integration opportunities.

Aligning Company Goals with the Offerings and Expertise of Insights Companies

When deciding on a consumer insights provider for your organisation, it is essential to assess how their range of services and proficiency will link up with your company’s aims and ambitions. Devote some time to outlining your business goals in detail and make a note of the precise data and insights you need to be successful. Ponder the areas of your enterprise that might gain from consumer insights, like marketing, product design, client experience or market penetration.

Evaluating the offerings and capabilities of different insights companies is a must when looking for one that meets your specific needs. Consider a company’s specialities, whether it be certain industries, target markets or types of consumer data. Furthermore, make sure to review their history to ensure they have successfully provided insights catered towards your industry and are knowledgeable when it comes to gaining actionable intelligence from consumer data.

Conducting Thorough Research and Comparisons

Compiling a list of potential providers based on reputation, market presence and industry peer recommendations is key when selecting the right consumer insights company. Take time to investigate their websites, case studies and client testimonials to get an understanding of their experience and accomplishments for customers.

When searching for a company to provide data analytics services, be sure to take into account the variety and complexity of their available data sources, the level of sophistication of their analytics processes, and their capacity to offer tailored solutions. Moreover, look for organisations with a strong technology foundation and that keep abreast of the most recent advances in analytics and customer research techniques.

When making your decision, be sure to investigate the various pricing structures, contract terms, and any additional services or support each company provides. It’s important to understand the costs involved and how much commitment is required of you.

Seeking Recommendations and Reviews from Industry Peers

Gaining a further understanding of the credibility and success of possible consumer insights companies requires a few approaches. Networking with industry professionals, attending events in the field, or joining online forums and communities specifically focused on consumer insights are all great ways to get recommendations and reviews from those who have direct experience working with such companies. Strike up a conversation and ask for their advice.

Through networking with industry peers, you can gain insights into different providers’ strengths and weaknesses, customer service quality and the value they offer. This input can help streamline your search for dependable, reputable firms.

Requesting Demos or Trial Periods to Assess Suitability

Trialling potential consumer insights firms before committing to a long-term agreement is a wise strategy. Utilise demos or trial periods to explore the platform’s suitability for your organisation, and how it could help you reach your goals.

During demos or trial periods, pay due attention to the user interface, data visualisation features, ease of integration and overall experience. Assess the level of customisation and flexibility offered by the platform, as well as its completeness and applicability of insights. Similarly, speaking with a company’s support team is an ideal way to evaluate their readiness to assist with queries or problems.

Considering Long-Term Partnerships and Scalability

When picking a consumer insights firm, factor in the potential for long-term collaboration and growth possibilities. Assess their commitment to continuous advancements and how they can alter market trends and advancements. A steady association guarantees regularity in collecting data and producing insights, enabling one to gain a greater understanding and take strategic decisions more effectively as time passes.

You’ll want to evaluate the scalability of the insights company’s offerings. As your business develops, you may require more sophisticated analytics capabilities and an increased variety of consumer data sources. Ensure you select a provider that can meet any growing demands and evolving requirements in the future.

To reach a well-thought-out decision on which consumer insights organisation to pick for your company, pursue a methodical strategy. Evaluate the services and know-how of various providers, inspect thoroughly, solicit advice from peers in the same industry, ask for demonstrations or test runs, and be mindful of long-term collaboration possibilities and flexibility when looking at scaling options.

Industry Landscape and Competitor Analysis

This competitive market has spawned several key players, all distinguished by their range of consumer insights. Let’s analyse some of the most significant competitors.


Trendata is a premier provider of consumer insights, and market insights (size, market share and competitor composition) enabling companies to gain actionable data-driven knowledge. Their product features sophisticated analytics tools and AI-powered algorithms that uncover patterns in customer behaviour. This includes providing comprehensive demographic and psychographic profiles which can help businesses better grasp their desired audience. Customers benefit from customisable dashboards and interactive visualisations for easy comprehension and integration capacities for simple connection with other systems and tools.

Trendata Pricing

€ 250 per category per month. 

contract terms are 12 months.


SemRush is a well-known consumer insights firm, specialising in SEO and competitive analysis tools. Their platform allows companies to access proprietary data on their rivals’ strategies, market trends, and keyword research. In addition, SemRush provides the ability to uncover potential areas for growth, review how one’s online presence is doing, and compare performance against industry standards. Moreover, their competitive intelligence solutions help organisations stay abreast of the latest emerging trends and make informed decisions to boost visibility and organic traffic.

SemRush Pricing:

Pro: Entry-level package for newbies and small teams.
$119.95 pm / or billed annually at $99.95 pm.

Guru: Agencies and mid-sized businesses.
$229.95 pm / or billed annually at $191.62 pm.

Business: Large agencies and enterprises.
$449.95 pm / or billed annually at $374.95 pm.


SimilarWeb is a renowned consumer insights provider, equipping companies with a comprehensive overview of their web presence and competitive landscape. Their platform offers extensive info on website visits, user demographics, and user activity. Their insights empower businesses to measure up against competitors, uncover market trends, and refine their digital tactics. With features such as traffic sources evaluation, customer segmentation, and industry analysis, SimilarWeb grants enterprises the data they require for data-based decisions and improving their online performance.

SimilarWeb Pricing

Six package options are available:

Competitive Intelligence – Entry-level package starting at $167 pm.

Digital Marketing Intelligence – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Digital Research Intelligence – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Sales Intelligence – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Stock Intelligence –  No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Shopper Intelligence – No pricing listed. Available upon request.


Qualtrics is a comprehensive consumer insights provider with experience management solutions. Their platform provides businesses with the ability to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback, employee insights, and market research data. With its comprehensive range of survey and research tools, sentiment analysis, and text analytics capabilities, Qualtrics helps companies gain an in-depth understanding of customer sentiments, preferences, and experiences. This enables businesses to not only enhance customer satisfaction but also increase employee engagement and make data-driven decisions that result in business growth.

Qualtrics Pricing: No pricing is listed


Meltwater is a top provider of consumer insights, specialising in media monitoring and social listening. Their platform offers businesses the opportunity to track brand mentions, survey industry trends, and assess social media conversations. Incorporating AI-powered analytics, this innovative technology gives valuable insight into a brand reputation, sentiment analysis and influencer identification. With Meltwater, businesses can keep on top of the current industry news, detect upcoming trends and establish a robust online presence.

Meltwater Pricing:

Four package options are available:

Essential – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Advanced – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Suite – No pricing listed. Available upon request.

Enterprise – No pricing listed. Available upon request.


Attest is a consumer insights company that collects real-time data through its online platform. They arm businesses with survey tools, data analytics capabilities and targetable demographics to assist them in understanding customer trends, preferences, and brand awareness. Attest’s easy-to-use software and powerful reporting features grant businesses the ability to make well-informed decisions and build effective marketing plans.

Attest Pricing

Four package options are available:

Free – available immediately.

Professional – starting at $25 000.

Premium – starting at $44 000.

Enterprise – No pricing listed. Available upon request.


DigiMind is an industry-leading consumer insights provider that specialises in social media and web monitoring. Their platform provides businesses with the ability to track online conversations, identify brand mentions, and gain a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment. Leveraging AI-powered analytics tools, DigiMind’s reports offer comprehensive data on audience characteristics, influencer recognition, and market trends. With DigiMind as their partner, companies can seize opportunities, keep an eye on the competition, and make informed decisions to enhance their marketing and branding campaigns.

DigiMind Pricing: No pricing is listed


GFK is a global leader in consumer insights, offering an array of research and analytics solutions. From traditional methodologies to cutting-edge technology, they provide businesses with market research, consumer behaviour analysis, and consulting services. GFK enables companies to gain actionable insights that will promote business growth. Their services include customer segmentation, brand tracking, product testing, and market forecasting; allowing businesses to make informed decisions and recognise opportunities for development and expansion.

GFK Pricing: No pricing is listed


GWI, the well-known consumer insights firm specialising in digital behaviour, provides valuable data to companies about their online audience. Their comprehensive profiling allows companies to gain insight into their target market’s interests, likes, and how they consume media. With GWI’s data-based analysis at hand, businesses can maximise their digital marketing plans, recognise up-and-coming trends, and interact with their target audience across numerous digital platforms.

GWI Pricing

Two package options are available:

Free – Available immediately.
Pro – No pricing listed. Available upon request.


Kantar is an eminent player in the consumer insights space, with a portfolio of research and consulting services. They specialise in delivering comprehensive market assessments, analysing customer preferences, measuring brand performance, and offering strategic guidance. By leveraging data analytics, market research, and consulting practices, Kantar can provide actionable insights that can fuel business growth. Moreover, their expertise spans different sectors to help companies gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions.

Kantar Pricing

Four package options are available:

Core – Pay-as-you-go. No subscription fee.
Plus – Starting from $50 000 per year. Paid upfront. No monthly subscription fee.
Advanced – starting from $150 000 per year. Paid upfront. No monthly subscription fee.
Enterprise – No pricing listed. Available upon request.


Mintel is a renowned consumer insights company and an expert in market intelligence and trend analysis. Through their platform, businesses can access comprehensive data on consumer behaviours, industry forecasts and market trends. They provide detail-rich reports, research studies and surveys to enable companies to understand their target audience and the dynamics of the market. With the help of Mintel’s insights, businesses can find ways to improve their products, marketing tactics and expand further into new markets.

Mintel Pricing

Four package options are available:

Mintel Spotlight – Free access. Limited features. No pricing is listed. Available upon request.
Single Reports – Individually priced. No pricing is listed. Available upon request.
Subscription – Always on access. No pricing is listed. Available upon request.
Custom – Tailor-made solutions. No pricing is listed. Available upon request.


Nielsen is a reliable consumer insights provider that gives businesses an in-depth understanding of customer activity and market conditions. Their platform furnishes information on media usage, purchasing patterns, and advertising potency. Nielsen’s portfolio includes audience rating, retail investigation, and commercial assessment. With Nielsen’s knowledge, businesses can gain insight into their target demographic’s media selections, elevate their advertising tactics and measure the effect of their promotion efforts. Nielsen’s data-driven solutions assist businesses in making informed decisions that propel business progression.

Nielsen Pricing: No pricing is listed


Sellerapp is a consumer insights company which excels in e-commerce market intelligence. By providing businesses with data-driven insights, their platform enables them to optimise their online retail strategies. Through features such as product research, competitor analysis, and keyword tracking, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape. With Sellerapp’s assistance, companies can identify profitable product opportunities, improve their product listings, and bolster their overall performance online.

SellerApp Pricing

Three package options are available for sellers:

Freemium – For sellers just getting started. $0

Pro Lite – For sellers selling multiple products and growing revenue.

$49 pm / or billed annually at $39 pm. 

Professional – For sellers looking to scale the business.

$99 pm / or billed annually at $49 pm. 


Contify is a company dedicated to consumer insights, providing businesses with market intelligence and competitive analysis. Through its platform, users can track the latest industry developments, recognise arising trends, and use data-driven decisions to stay one step ahead of rivals. Contify provides news tracking, competitor monitoring, and research capabilities that help businesses make informed decisions.

Contify Pricing: No pricing is listed


Linkfluence is a consumer insights company that focuses on social media intelligence and listening. By using their platform, businesses can monitor brand mentions, assess consumer sentiment, and study the context of online conversations. Linkfluence’s analytics tools offer businesses key information about audience characteristics, influencer recognition, and dialogue in the digital space. As a result, Linkfluence allows companies to identify consumer opinions, measure brand awareness, and enhance their social media strategies.

Linkfluence Pricing: No pricing is listed


Momentive, formerly SurveyMonkey, is a consumer insights provider that offers an effective platform for feedback collection and survey administration. Its features – customisable questionnaires, data analytic tools, and real-time reporting – let organisations survey customers, employees, and target demographics on product satisfaction, customer experiences, brand awareness, and more. With Momentive’s robust analytics capabilities, companies can gain meaningful insight into their data to inform strategic decisions and optimise strategies.

Momentive Pricing: No pricing is listed

Considerations When Choosing a Consumer Insights Company

Differentiating Factors of Trendata in the Consumer Insights Industry

Trendata is distinct within the consumer insights field, providing a compilation of features and offerings that make it unlike any other. What makes Trendata stand out are the following:

Comprehensive Consumer Insights Solutions

Trendata provides a range of consumer insights solutions utilising advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Their platform offers businesses access to actionable insights derived from an abundance of consumer data, giving them the tools they need to make educated decisions.

Industry Expertise and Versatility 

Trendata covers a broad range of industries and offers an expert understanding of diverse business environments. This expertise allows them to customise their services for specific sectors, delivering pertinent and tailored results.

Intuitive User Interface and Data Visualisation Tools 

Trendata stands out due to its user-friendly interface and interactive visualisation tools. These make it simpler for businesses to explore, interpret, comprehend and communicate complex consumer data – all without the need for technical expertise. The dashboards are visually appealing and provide valuable insights.

Dedicated Support and Training 

Trendata focuses on delivering superior customer satisfaction by offering exceptional support and training. Their team of specialists is available to guide users through the implementation process for a hassle-free onboarding experience. Additionally, Quality training resources are available to help businesses leverage all of the platform’s features, maximising the power of consumer insights.

Emphasis on Actionable Insights and Decision-Making

Trendata stands out in the consumer insights industry, with its emphasis on producing actionable insights. Their platform does more than just display raw information – it offers strategic guidance and action-oriented recommendations that enable companies to make better decisions. They transform complex data into tangible insights that arms businesses with the necessary tools to succeed and excel.

Trendata is a standout in the consumer insights industry, thanks to its comprehensive solutions, industry knowledge, user-friendly interface, scalability, and outstanding support that enable companies to make the most of their data and stay up-to-date in today’s ever-changing environment. The actionable insights further strengthen this position.

Empowering Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Consumer insights have become crucial for businesses in today’s data-driven landscape. Throughout this guide, we have explored the top consumer insights solutions and their pricing structures, with a particular focus on Trendata as a trusted platform. By partnering with Trendata or a similar platform, businesses can harness the power of data-driven insights and gain a competitive edge.

Choosing the right consumer insights platform is vital. It allows businesses to uncover actionable data, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of market trends. By aligning business goals with insights platforms, conducting thorough research, seeking recommendations, and requesting demos or trial periods, companies can make an informed choice.

Consumer insights go beyond data collection; they empower businesses to translate data into meaningful strategies. With Trendata or a similar platform, businesses can enhance decision-making, tailor marketing efforts, mitigate risks, drive product innovation, and improve customer experiences.

Investing in consumer insights platforms and leveraging the wealth of data available enables businesses to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence. Trendata offers businesses the opportunity to unlock the full potential of consumer data, make strategic choices, and drive growth in a dynamic market.

In summary, consumer insights are the key to unlocking valuable market intelligence and understanding customer preferences. By partnering with a platform like Trendata, businesses can harness the power of consumer insights and drive their growth and success in today’s business landscape.