Changing from one product category or market segment to another

Updated May 31, 2024
2 min.

In the dynamic business landscape, agility and precision in targeting are key. That’s why today’s blog post zeroes in on a critical capability within the Trendata platform: changing between product categories and market segments. 

Why is this shift important? The ability to seamlessly transition across categories and segments not only allows for a more refined approach to market understanding but also offers the chance to explore new avenues for growth. 

Join us as we dissect the process of making these changes within Trendata, discuss their significance, and illustrate how they can be a catalyst for your success. 

Changing Between Product Categories

Imagine you’re analyzing the latest trends in laptops, and suddenly, you realize that incorporating insights on display monitors could offer a more comprehensive overview for your campaign. With Trendata, making this shift is as easy as it gets. Our platform boasts an intuitive filter located at the top right corner, designed for you to smoothly transition between different product categories. Simply deselect your current focus, choose a new category, hit apply, and the platform instantly refreshes with data tailored to your new selection.

For those seeking insights across a wider spectrum, Trendata offers the ability to select multiple product categories simultaneously. This functionality aggregates the data, providing a panoramic view of cross-category trends. For instance, you can merge data from both the laptop and display monitor categories to identify overarching technological trends. However, it’s important to approach this aggregated data with discernment, as combining too many categories might generalize the insights, potentially overshadowing niche trends that could be pivotal for targeted strategies.

Changing Between Market Segments

The adaptability of Trendata extends to exploring various market segments as well. This feature is particularly beneficial if you want to understand diverse consumer bases or track trends across multiple markets. By selecting a new market segment within the liveboards, you receive an immediate overview of all relevant product categories and their aggregated data. 

For instance, switching from analyzing the computers segment to the cell phones segment can reveal drastically different market behaviors and preferences.

Opting for multiple segments amplifies this capability, offering a consolidated view of search data across your selections. This is like you’ve conducted a comprehensive market survey, but without the hassle and time commitment usually required.

Beyond Conventional Market Analysis

Trendata opens up limitless possibilities for market exploration. Each feature is designed to facilitate deeper understanding and foster proactive thinking. 

It’s time to go beyond traditional market analysis to access an array of market segments and product categories. This active exploration allows you to blend diverse perspectives to uncover unique opportunities and insights.

With the multitude of market data available, this is an invitation to engage in exploration and analysis through an innovative lens. Ready to dig deep and think outside the box?