Imagine you’re a global brand manager, overseeing operations in the USA, UK, and Australia. With Trendata, you can analyze each of these markets individually or all at once.

Right from the moment you enter our insights platform, you’re given the power to choose your analytical playground. Whether you’re looking at one country or multiple, Trendata offers you the flexibility to analyze markets as per your needs.


The How-To of Country Switching

Changing between countries is possible wherever you are on the platform, just click on the tab in the right corner. This opens up a drop-down menu where you can easily select or deselect the countries and regions that pique your interest.

And with a simple toggle in the menu on the right, you can turn countries on or off, tailoring the data to suit your requirements.

Whether you’re looking to compare the total market performance across various countries or dive deeper into specific regions, our country-switching feature has got you covered.

For instance, if you notice a sudden surge in your product sales in Australia but not in the USA or UK, you can easily toggle between these countries to understand the cause. That’s why this feature is ideal for those responsible for multiple markets and allows for a more targeted analysis.


Regional Analysis for Precision Marketing

Our country-switching feature isn’t just about hopping from one market to another. It’s about letting you dive deep into specific regions, perfect for when you want to focus on certain areas.

By focusing on one or more regions, the data adjusts accordingly, showing unique trendlines and developments. Yes, the search volumes will be smaller, but the insights you gain will be far sharper and more relevant. Spotting differences between regions could be the game-changer for your regional marketing strategies, offering you the chance to optimize them for better results.

Let’s say you’re launching a new product line in California, Texas, and New York. Instead of analyzing the entire USA, you can select these specific regions to gain more precise insights. If you notice different trends between these regions, you can tailor your strategies accordingly, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximum impact.


Multi-Country Analysis for Comprehensive Insights

If you’re interested in a broader perspective, you can select multiple countries for analysis. The platform automatically adjusts search volumes, graphs, and regional data to reflect your selection.

Plus, selecting multiple countries allows you to aggregate the search volumes for a broader perspective. This function is incredibly useful when you want a comprehensive overview of a product category, without being tied down to specific countries or regions.

Suppose you’re a global retailer selling smartphones. You operate in several countries, including the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. If you want to gauge the overall performance or popularity of a particular smartphone brand across all these markets, the multi-country selection feature is your go-to tool.

By selecting all four countries, Trendata will aggregate the search volumes for your chosen product category — in this case, smartphones. This gives you a consolidated view of the market interest in that particular brand across all your selected regions.

The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to understand the bigger picture. It shows you how a product or category is performing globally, rather than within individual countries. This can be incredibly useful when you are making strategic decisions about product placement, pricing, and promotion.

For instance, if you notice high search volumes for a particular smartphone brand across all selected countries, it could indicate a strong global trend. This insight might prompt you to increase inventory of that brand in your stores to meet potential demand.

Moreover, this feature frees you from being tied down to specific countries or regions. While regional and country-specific data is invaluable, there are times when a more global view can offer unique insights. By aggregating search volumes across multiple countries, you get a bird’s eye view of the market, which can help identify overarching trends that may not be apparent when looking at individual countries.


Power Your Strategies with Global (& Local) Insights

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to navigate both global and local landscapes is crucial for any business. Trendata’s country-switching feature is a testament to this dual necessity — empowering you with the tools to analyze and compare different markets at both macro and micro levels.

Whether you’re looking to understand overarching global trends by aggregating search volumes across multiple countries or hoping to fine-tune your regional marketing strategies by diving into the nitty-gritty of specific regions, Trendata has got you covered.

The beauty of this tool lies in its flexibility. It allows you to zoom in and out as needed, providing a comprehensive view of the market landscape that lets you see both the forest and the trees. This means you can tailor your strategies to address the unique demands of each market, while also aligning them with broader global trends.

Success lies in the balance between the global and the local. With Trendata, you have the power to strike that balance, using data-driven insights to fuel your strategies and propel your business forward. Harness the potential of global and local insights and let your journey to success be guided by the best of both worlds.