It’s no secret that a strong brand presence is essential for any business. Without an effective strategy in place, valuable customer relationships can slip away and cause serious damage to both reputation and profits. 

That’s where Trendata’s Brand Monitor steps in. This powerful feature is designed to provide a 360-degree view of your brand’s impact, arming you with the data you need to make informed strategic decisions.

You can discover new insights that reveal unseen opportunities, anticipate changes in the marketplace with confidence, and protect yourself from potential missteps before they become costly mistakes. 

The Brand Monitor is composed of four dynamic liveboards; Brand Popularity, Brand Development, Brand Awareness, and Brand Associations, each offering unique, actionable insights. Let’s delve into each of these liveboards and explore the benefits they offer.


Brand Popularity

The Brand Popularity liveboard serves as your brand’s pulse checker. It provides an immediate snapshot of your brand’s size by indicating the exact search volume for your brand for the most recent month analyzed. It also lets you track these volumes month by month using a user-friendly bar graph, giving you a clear timeline of your brand’s popularity.

The Yearly Search Volume graph offers a comprehensive three-year overview of your brand’s evolution, revealing whether your brand’s popularity is on the rise or declining. By understanding your brand’s trajectory, you can adjust your strategies accordingly. 

If your brand’s popularity is growing, you might decide to scale up your operations or explore new markets. Conversely, if it’s declining, you’ll know it’s time to reevaluate your approach and perhaps invest more in marketing or product development.

The added benefit of this liveboard is that it helps identify peak months and understand trends over the last 48 months using the Brand Seasonality graph. Knowing when demand for your brand typically spikes allows you to better manage inventory, optimize pricing, and plan marketing campaigns effectively. 

Better yet, by relying on the Year-over-Year graph, you’ll gain a more nuanced understanding of your brand’s annual performance. The Year-over-Year graph provides a clear comparison of your brand’s performance, allowing you to identify patterns and anomalies in demand across different years.

The region tab provides a detailed breakdown of your brand’s search volume across different regions of your chosen country, which can guide your expansion strategies. It also enables you to tailor your marketing efforts to resonate with regional preferences and trends, enhancing your brand’s relevance and appeal in different markets.


Brand Development

While size gives a snapshot of your brand’s current standing, understanding its development over time is crucial for sustainable success. This is where Trendata’s Brand Development liveboard shines. It provides a comprehensive, real-time analysis of your brand’s growth trajectory and potential, empowering you with the knowledge to steer your brand towards continued success.

As the name indicates, the Total Search Volume graph displays the total search volume for your brand per month, represented by bars. An overlaid trendline reveals month-on-month development, providing a visual representation of your brand’s growth trajectory.

It displays a percentage that provides you with a comparative analysis of your brand’s growth over the last month, relative to the month prior. Additionally, a three-year overview presents a broader picture of your brand’s evolution.

With these insights, you’re not just reacting to changes in your brand’s performance, but proactively shaping its future. By correlating these changes with your past actions or market events, you can identify what drives your brand’s growth and replicate successful strategies. If growth is slower than expected, it signals an opportunity to revisit your strategies and make necessary adjustments.This feature allows you to pinpoint the exact moments when your brand experienced significant growth or faced challenges. 

Adding another dimension to your analysis, the Region tab displays how your brand has grown across different regions, using a visually engaging map and bar graph.

Regional data can be a game-changer for brands looking to expand or strengthen their presence in specific markets. By understanding where your brand has experienced significant growth, you can allocate resources more effectively, tailoring marketing strategies to resonate with regional preferences and capitalizing on untapped opportunities.


Brand Awareness

Having a strong brand isn’t just about size or growth. It’s about standing out from the crowd and being the brand that consumers think of first. To achieve this level of recognition, you need a tool that can measure and enhance your brand’s visibility in the market. 

This is where Trendata’s Brand Awareness liveboard comes into the picture. Designed to provide an in-depth understanding of your brand’s share of search, it equips you with the insights needed to rise above the competition and become a household name.

The liveboard immediately presents the percentage of branded search volume that belongs to your brand. To the right, you can see your monthly share of search in the selected time frame. Additionally, a three-year overview gives you a broader perspective on your brand’s awareness over time.

By understanding your share of search, you can gauge how well your brand stands out amidst competitors. If your share is growing, your marketing efforts are likely effective. If it’s shrinking, it’s an indication to reassess your strategies. A higher share of search also means a larger audience, potentially leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

The Year-Over-Year comparison graph provides insights into the months when your Share of Search is highest and lowest.  If there are fluctuations, we encourage you to dig deeper to understand why this is happening. Our Competitor Share liveboard can provide valuable insights here.

Identifying patterns in your brand’s share of search can guide your marketing efforts. For example, if your share tends to dip in certain months, you might plan targeted campaigns during those periods to boost visibility. 

The Competitor Share liveboard offers valuable insights into your competitors’ performance, helping you understand why your share of search might fluctuate. 

By comparing your performance against competitors, you can identify what they’re doing well and areas where your brand can improve. This competitive intelligence can inform your marketing strategies, helping you stay ahead in the race.

Finally, the Region tab provides a detailed breakdown of your regional share of search, offering insights into areas where you can boost brand awareness. By focusing on regions with lower brand awareness, you can increase your brand’s overall visibility and reach. 


Brand Associations

Unlock the power of the Brand Associations liveboard, your key to a deeper understanding of your brand’s information needs. This interactive dashboard offers an in-depth view of your brand from five distinct perspectives: Purposes, Specifications, Information, Purchase Intention, and Issues, each offering unique insights into your brand’s perception and interaction.

The user-friendly layout presents a donut graph on the left side, with each segment representing a sub-topic within the main topic. Hover your mouse over these segments to reveal the exact search volume for that sub-topic within your chosen timeframe. This feature provides precise data, allowing you to identify the most relevant aspects of your brand.

The Drilldown function allows you to delve deeper into what exactly people are searching for, providing a clear picture of your customers’ needs and desires. If you wish to focus on a particular sub-topic, the Filter option allows you to isolate and analyze it closely.

On the right side of the liveboard, a trendline visualizes the evolution of a certain sub-topic over your selected time period. This feature gives you a snapshot of the trends associated with your brand. Furthermore, a stacked bar graph at the bottom displays regional searches for the sub-topics, giving you geographical insights to tailor your strategies for different markets.

As we mentioned, each tab provides unique insights.



The ‘Purposes’ tab is designed to reveal the various uses people have for your brand. Maybe your kitchen gadget isn’t just a cooking aid, but it’s also their favorite camping tool or a go-to gift for friends.

When you understand how your customers use your products, you can tailor your marketing strategies to match. Highlight these uses in your ads and watch your product appeal skyrocket. Plus, you’ve got valuable intel for designing future products. 



The ‘Specifications’ tab is like having a direct line to your customers’ wish list. Whether it’s longer battery life for your smartphones, high-quality camera, or a larger screen size, you’ll know exactly what features your customers are craving.

With this knowledge, you can prioritize these features in your product development. Shine a spotlight on these aspects in your marketing campaigns and draw in more customers



Ever wondered what kind of information your customers are seeking about your brand? The ‘Information’ tab has got you covered. From how-to queries and pricing questions to curiosity about upcoming launches or your sustainability practices, you’ll know it all.

Armed with this insight, you can provide the right information through your website, blog posts, and social media. Addressing your customers’ information needs builds trust and credibility, paving the way for stronger customer relationships.


Purchase Intention

The ‘Purchase Intention’ tab gauges the volume of search terms related to pricing, promotions, conditions, and demand. For example, searches might spike during the holiday season or when you launch a new product.

Understanding when and why people plan to buy helps you fine-tune your sales and marketing strategies. You’ll be able to optimize inventory management, adjust pricing, and plan promotions to make the most of peak demand periods. It’s like having a secret weapon for boosting sales.



Last but not least, the ‘Issues’ tab. It’s like having an early warning system for any problems associated with your brand. Be it product-related issues, customer service complaints, or negative publicity, you’ll know about it.

It includes an issue rate and a graph showing its fluctuation over time. The donut graph reveals the specific issues people associate with your brand, and a regional bar graph shows how these issues vary by area.

Spotting issues early on means you can tackle them head-on before they escalate and potentially damage your brand’s reputation. Showing customers that you care about their concerns and are committed to improving their experience? That’s a surefire way to enhance customer loyalty and trust.

Occasionally, a tab may display “No data found for this query,” indicating no searches have been made for these sub-topics in relation to your brand.

Understanding these brand associations is crucial for refining your product range and marketing strategies. It allows you to cater better to your customers’ needs and preferences, ensuring your brand stays relevant and competitive.


Turn Brand Insights into Action

The Brand Monitoring liveboards are more than just a tool, they’re your strategic ally in understanding and managing your brand’s presence in the market. 

They offer a wealth of insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions, helping you tailor your products, strategies, and communications more effectively.

With this level of detail at your fingertips, you can anticipate trends, respond to customer needs, address issues proactively, and ultimately, steer your brand towards success. 

It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing. Ready to dive into brand monitoring?