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Covestro – Driving innovation by aligning R&D with consumer needs

Updated Nov 14, 2023
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Covestro Drives Innovation by Aligning R&D with End-Consumer Needs

  • Covestro, a polymer supplier, wanted to better understand market changes and end-user satisfaction.
  • Using feedback from Trendata’s market-intelligence platform, Covestro refined their product offering and discovered untapped potential.
  • As a result, they reinforced their position in the industry and accelerated their transformation from supplier to knowledge partner.

Covestro is a supplier and innovator in high-tech polymers. Known for quality, their advanced polymers are the building blocks of modern daily life – found in smartphones, cars, furniture, building insulation and more.

Operating primarily in the B2B domain, Covestro’s supply chain spans from their laboratories to the businesses they collaborate with, right through to the end-consumer.

As such, Covestro must be committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence at every step. It’s not just about delivering polymers; it’s about anticipating emerging needs and enhancing the lives of end-consumers.

Here’s how Trendata’s market intelligence platform helped achieve this goal.


Covestro needed to not only keep pace with the fast-changing coatings market, but also lead the way. Their goal? To transform from a supplier to a trusted partner, helping their clients create products that resonate with end-consumers.

In particular, Covestro wanted to:

  • Predict the next big trends and capitalise on them before they became mainstream.
  • Differentiate themselves by crafting a proposition that was compelling for clients and end-users.
  • Discover untapped potential for new applications in their existing product offering.

Achieving these goals required managing an extensive supply chain, and understanding the needs of a diverse range of clients and end-users.

So, Covestro needed a solution that could dive deep into customer reviews, identify areas for improvement and innovation, and help them align with evolving market needs.


Using Trendata’s market analysis and comprehensive data, Covestro aligned their R&D with end-consumer needs.

Trendata prompted strategic thinking in two areas:

Market Analysis

By deep-diving into market trends, Covestro increased their understanding of shifts in the industry landscape and consumer preferences. They could then tailor their products accordingly, adapt quickly to emerging trends, and maximise their business potential.

Customer Insight

Scraping customer reviews of products containing Covestro’s resins revealed real user experiences, which Covestro used to refine and enhance their product offerings.

This enabled Covestro to evolve their approach from responsive to anticipatory – helping shape the market by exceeding end-consumer needs.


By shifting from a B2B perspective to an end-consumer focus, Covestro was able to:

  • Transition from supplier to valuable knowledge partner – strengthening client relationships and proactively collaborating to meet emerging needs.
  • Anticipate and shape market trends, driving new growth to reinforce an already strong market position.

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